The Art of Giving

Birthdays, Christmas, holidays, graduations or just for the sake of it. When people acknowledge our successes and achievements with gifts or show their appreciation with tokens that we like, we become encouraged to do better. We set out to play a better “game”.

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A few months ago, I received an email from my shipping company which informed me that for the entire month, I would get a 5% discount off every transaction and applied to the following month’s transactions. All accumulated value would be applied to the first transaction of the following month and if all the value isn’t received on the first transaction then the discount value would be applied on any transaction of that month only, until the full value was given. Nice! So the next shipment may be free. I continued business, as usual, with my imports.

My first package of the following month arrived and I went into the shipping company’s office to collect my packages. The very pleasant lady at the counter asked me if I filled the application form to receive my discount and have it applied to my transaction. I apparently had a puzzled expression as she continued that the application form was emailed to me.

I said, ” If you say that you’re going to give me something, I think that you should just give it to me. Why should you make it more difficult for me to get it? Just give me my bill and I’ll pay for this, thank you.”

She said,” Hold on.”

She went to the computer, picked  up the phone to speak to someone, printed something then returned to me.

She said with a smile, ” I applied your discount to this bill.”

I smiled and was happy that my bill total was $1.40.

Unless we state a condition at the very beginning for someone to receive something, we shouldn’t state a condition for them to get it at the time they should receive it. For example, go to Macy’s New York to the third floor on Friday 24th July.  I’ll meet you and give you $1M. Although you may be in Florida, I have set the condition at the very beginning. However, if I told you that I would give you $1M on Friday 24th July, then on Friday you call me and I say, ” Meet me in Macy’s New York.” That’s not a gift, it’s a mission.

Birthday 031

Rule #4 = When giving, do not make it difficult in any way for the receiver to get. Simply give…

Enjoy the Game!


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9 thoughts on “The Art of Giving”

  1. This is so very nice. And I so agree with you! If you’re gonna give something, just give it!

    Much love to you Joe and I so love your blog.


  2. Interesting philosophy. You know the game of life is difficult enough, without adding more hassle to the game. You should honor your words and respect each other space, giving and receiving should be simple!

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