Looking Beyond the Boundary


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We all enter the world in similar fashion. We are born helpless. We feel, experience and learn through our physical bodies. We acquire motor skills and begin to understand that when we do specific things, we get specific results. This realization comes with many other mental faculties which gives us the understanding that we can manipulate our environment and improve our experiences. All of which seemed limited by the reach of our physical bodies. And so we determine that we are physical beings

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Mundane Life

Society and the makers of the human world operate in an existence of limitation, as everything does. Time, space, labour, tools and all other necessary resources to bring the intangible idea to it’s physical reality. Put all these resources together and we have money or wealth. Yet, there seems to be a marked limit on each resource. Although time seems to be the most expensive, how does everyone else seem to have it? Is time really scarce? Time must be used effectively and all tasks should really be pegged to a proper deadline. All activities should be scheduled to accomplish goals within the planned times.

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Are you bored with this time management thing in your life as yet?

You are born at a time, live in a time, for a time, and, in time, you’ll die. So, everything we do, we are bound by time.

Initially, creative people don’t like to think of planning and time management. Creative people like to create and see their ideas unfold into real things that can be used. Sit and consider time management? Uuugghh!


As a very young man, a successful businessman told me not to get involved in time management. He said that it is a waste of time. I asked him to explain exactly what he meant and he told me that we can only manage the things that we can change and affect. He said that time cannot be affected or changed. Although he made sense to me, I didn’t understand the entire message as he didn’t spell it out for me. Years passed before I could see the rest of it, and suddenly the impact of time on my life does not seem so boring. I listened to a self improvement program and the narrator explained the same message on focusing on activities in a given time and it clicked instantly! As a matter of fact the consideration of the time’s impact on my life is becoming rather exiting. Read on! You’ll discover why!




Wherever we are, whatever position in which we are currently, the feelings, thoughts and opinions which we hold on the inside determines our reality. Two people may experience the same event in the same location and time and  yet both may describe different experiences. If our internal feelings and thoughts determine our reality then it is safe to say that our internal world determines our outside world. Our inside activity affects or creates our outside world.



As we begin to grow develop and unfold,  a desire to go beyond our physical outreach, which we had previously determined, begins to form. We begin to envision beyond what we see and the fleeting idea, that we are more than limited physical beings, begins to take shape. It is at this developmental stage that our ultimate potential is really determined. If the first little visions can be made into reality, our potential is set at the back of our consciousness even though subsequent visions are not realized.

The extent of our outreach depends on our perspective. Feel and think that we can’t go further and it is so. Believe and feel that we can and that’s right also.

When we take a look at our present lives, we are really looking at our past perspectives because our worlds and existence are the result of mental and emotional activity. The physical aspect comes after the emotional, mental and spiritual belongings have been formed. 


The world is our playground or prison depending on the way that each of us see it. The boundaries which we see have been put there by ourselves. All the excuses that we hear of enslaved are the reasons for the current position and is the limit put by the person who utters it. The excuses of my parents didn’t prepare me and is also the very limit. Where we are now is not necessarily where we are going to be and where we are going to be is dependent upon what we believe, feel and think now!

Stop making excuses and focus on where you want to go and think about how you’re going to get there. Stop being distracted by all the unnecessary distractions that come to increase the amount of excuses that you may use, in order to fail. Focus on the goal and succeed. Make your world bigger than it already is.



Rule # 6: Don’t try to manage time! Manage all your activities! Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual activities that are well planned and executed will make it appear that you are managing time well.







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  1. Thank you for writing this. I needed this message right at this moment to help me realize how to better handle some things. Not that I didn’t know, I just needed a reminder.

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