Two Sided Coin.


Many people exist in this world with one-sided awareness. This limits there perspective and growth. It’s important that we widen our perspective and inadvertently, our horizons.

 Perception and Perspective 

We exist in a dynamic environment which we must constantly monitor if we are to succeed. Most of us have five basic senses for us to cope with our environment. But these five senses aren’t the most critical in determining our outcome from any situation. 

The internal perspective of our life, before and during a situation, may steer us to more positive outcomes. More positive outcomes give us a better chance at winning the Game of Life. This internal perspective coincides with our perception of the things external to us.

The glass that is half full is also the glass which is half empty yet it maybe described as half glass which negates any description of extreme. The description of half glass suggests a more neutral position. Is a neutral perspective better than a negative one or a positive one?

Therefore, unpleasant situations are actually good for us. If we contemplate this and seek to remove our negative emotion from the experience, we may come to better terms with the reality.

Perspective! Perspective! Perspective!


So it may seem that a neutral position may be the best perspective.

Why are there extremes? Why is there hot and cold? Why is there light and heavy? Why is there light and darkness?

To answer the questions, ice contains heat. In our world, there is nothing which has an absence of heat. All things are made of matter and light and heavy are our descriptions of the mass of a body of matter. And, darkness describes the amount of light present at a given time. Therefore, these descriptions or perceptions are relative to a perspective. Extremes are there to offer positions to the perspective.

Should we consider extremes if we are to win and Enjoy the Game of Life?

Whenever we experience something that really brings us down, we should do something that we really love to do. For example, if you are really down because of too much stress at work or a family member is really sick, do something that you really love to do for a short while. This will help you overcome feeling down.

Consider the air that you breathe.

 Nitrogen takes up approximately 78% of the air, the greatest part of the air that we breathe is one which we don’t use. The oxygen that we need from the air is approximately 21%. Yet this oxygen is what ultimately breaks us down. (Geek Talk: Familiar with rust? Oxygen causes it. The presence of oxygen leads to a process known as oxidization where electrons and hydrogen in a compound is completely lost. This occurs in our bodies as it occurs in metals.).

Essentially, the very oxygen which we depend on, gets us old. Remember the nitrogen? It keeps oxygen in check and slows the oxidization process. And we thought we didn’t need nitrogen. Extremes! Duality!

The Fuel that Burns.

Combustion is a rapid oxidization where the oxygen is used to burn something. Combustion is only possible when three factors are present and include, oxygen, a fuel and a heat source. We’ve already established that oxygen is available in the air, all things contain a degree of heat so we need to understand the fuel. 

That which burns is coupled with that which doesn’t burn. Extremes! Duality! For combustion, we attempt to extract hydrogen from fuels for combustion. Hydrogen burns well with oxygen. The things we consider for fuel have high hydrogen content but also carbon. Gasoline is a good example. Carbon actually inhibits things from burning. Carbon controls the rage of hydrogen.

It’s interesting to note that water is used to put out fires and yet water is made up the two things which burn well together, hydrogen and oxygen (do not attempt to put out a fuel fire with water as the fire will become wild because the water will turn to fuel also). 

Is a neutral perspective better? Should extremes be considered if we are to win?

The situation determines the best answer. However, we must be aware that even in our own selves, there are extremes. In some instances one extreme often prevents the other from raging out of control. In other instances, an extreme is needed as fuel to push past the counter-extreme. Moderation has it’s place but serious challenge requires serious action and force to push past obstacles to put us on another level.

Love and Hate

Emotion drives us all, some more than others. “I love you… ” or “I Love You!” carries an energy that motivates a person to care for and protect another, to be near to another. Yet hate drives one person to wish bad for another. When one person hates another, the energy that develops with the emotion is based on the disappointment which one feels compared to the expectation that he/she had. 

We all love and hate at some point in time and the outcome is a result of the expectation which we hold for another person or thing. But neither love nor hate is a person; they are emotions which change.

What is the neutral between love and hate?                                                         Is it indifference?

Which is worse? For a lover to hate you or for a lover to become completely indifferent?


Measures of discipline include methods that we don’t like. When someone raises their voice or shouts at us; when pain is inflicted on us; when something that we like is removed; if someone gives us negative criticism. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, discipline may defined as “training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.” I especially like this definition, more than others which I’ve read, because it’s the only one that highlights the intended outcome of such discipline.

So when the athlete submits to the discipline administered by the coach, he improves and so he ultimately likes the effects of the discipline.

What Does it Mean?

We often view life through rose coloured lenses and our limited position can only allow us to see no more than that position allow. People pray to their various concepts of God but always want immediate answers to those prayers. And if half of the worlds population have prayerful desires, wouldn’t God have to disappoint some of them. The cycle of life includes death yet no one wants this part of the cycle for himself or loved ones.

So many pray to God with hope that he will fix it all for them. And still, so many believe that the problem occurs only on the outside. The beginning of the answer lies on the inside!                                          The master appears only when the student is ready!

The experiences which we have in life is based on our perspective in the situation. And the value of the experience is limited to all of our other experiences.

Each situation has some degree of duality.

Each person is good and bad, and is one or the other depending on another’s perspective.

We all need to develop discipline in order to improve. I’ve never seen an indisciplined champion.

Rule #7: Our perception is based on our perspective.                        Rule #8: There are extremes and duality is a definite aspect of life. Rule#9: Accomplishment brings us happiness so we need to discipline ourselves to accomplishment.

True happiness comes from that which we fully accomplish and we accomplish when we truly understand.

Enjoy the Game!