About Me

Me with shadesMany roads I have traveled. For more than eight years I have been teaching Automotive Technology and currently have a class of nineteen which includes residents of the ghetto. The most difficult thing is to teach them to believe then achieve. ¬†I chose to teach because of the gap in my Caribbean nation. ¬†Through this I have gained immense confidence in presenting and I have learned to deal with a wider audience than I was ever exposed to before. I think I’m in a better position for business now than before I went to teach. While formal education is good and encouraged, I believe the education outside of that is often more important.

1st Rule = Helping others helps myself.

I am extremely passionate about music and play the guitar, bass and keyboard. Nothing moves me as much as music does. Nothing removes emotional pain as music does.

2nd Rule = Do the things that I’m inspired to do

Running is also one of my sanctuaries as clarity to many situations comes when I run. Sports, motorcycles, fast cars, travel vacations and all the games that most other men like are things that I take interest in. But I want to play games at a higher level now and I want to help more people too.

3rd Rule = To help more, I need to have more.


Enjoy the Game