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Two Sided Coin.


Many people exist in this world with one-sided awareness. This limits there perspective and growth. It’s important that we widen our perspective and inadvertently, our horizons.

 Perception and Perspective 

We exist in a dynamic environment which we must constantly monitor if we are to succeed. Most of us have five basic senses for us to cope with our environment. But these five senses aren’t the most critical in determining our outcome from any situation. 

The internal perspective of our life, before and during a situation, may steer us to more positive outcomes. More positive outcomes give us a better chance at winning the Game of Life. This internal perspective coincides with our perception of the things external to us.

The glass that is half full is also the glass which is half empty yet it maybe described as half glass which negates any description of extreme. The description of half glass suggests a more neutral position. Is a neutral perspective better than a negative one or a positive one?

Therefore, unpleasant situations are actually good for us. If we contemplate this and seek to remove our negative emotion from the experience, we may come to better terms with the reality.

Perspective! Perspective! Perspective!


So it may seem that a neutral position may be the best perspective.

Why are there extremes? Why is there hot and cold? Why is there light and heavy? Why is there light and darkness?

To answer the questions, ice contains heat. In our world, there is nothing which has an absence of heat. All things are made of matter and light and heavy are our descriptions of the mass of a body of matter. And, darkness describes the amount of light present at a given time. Therefore, these descriptions or perceptions are relative to a perspective. Extremes are there to offer positions to the perspective.

Should we consider extremes if we are to win and Enjoy the Game of Life?

Whenever we experience something that really brings us down, we should do something that we really love to do. For example, if you are really down because of too much stress at work or a family member is really sick, do something that you really love to do for a short while. This will help you overcome feeling down.

Consider the air that you breathe.

 Nitrogen takes up approximately 78% of the air, the greatest part of the air that we breathe is one which we don’t use. The oxygen that we need from the air is approximately 21%. Yet this oxygen is what ultimately breaks us down. (Geek Talk: Familiar with rust? Oxygen causes it. The presence of oxygen leads to a process known as oxidization where electrons and hydrogen in a compound is completely lost. This occurs in our bodies as it occurs in metals.).

Essentially, the very oxygen which we depend on, gets us old. Remember the nitrogen? It keeps oxygen in check and slows the oxidization process. And we thought we didn’t need nitrogen. Extremes! Duality!

The Fuel that Burns.

Combustion is a rapid oxidization where the oxygen is used to burn something. Combustion is only possible when three factors are present and include, oxygen, a fuel and a heat source. We’ve already established that oxygen is available in the air, all things contain a degree of heat so we need to understand the fuel. 

That which burns is coupled with that which doesn’t burn. Extremes! Duality! For combustion, we attempt to extract hydrogen from fuels for combustion. Hydrogen burns well with oxygen. The things we consider for fuel have high hydrogen content but also carbon. Gasoline is a good example. Carbon actually inhibits things from burning. Carbon controls the rage of hydrogen.

It’s interesting to note that water is used to put out fires and yet water is made up the two things which burn well together, hydrogen and oxygen (do not attempt to put out a fuel fire with water as the fire will become wild because the water will turn to fuel also). 

Is a neutral perspective better? Should extremes be considered if we are to win?

The situation determines the best answer. However, we must be aware that even in our own selves, there are extremes. In some instances one extreme often prevents the other from raging out of control. In other instances, an extreme is needed as fuel to push past the counter-extreme. Moderation has it’s place but serious challenge requires serious action and force to push past obstacles to put us on another level.

Love and Hate

Emotion drives us all, some more than others. “I love you… ” or “I Love You!” carries an energy that motivates a person to care for and protect another, to be near to another. Yet hate drives one person to wish bad for another. When one person hates another, the energy that develops with the emotion is based on the disappointment which one feels compared to the expectation that he/she had. 

We all love and hate at some point in time and the outcome is a result of the expectation which we hold for another person or thing. But neither love nor hate is a person; they are emotions which change.

What is the neutral between love and hate?                                                         Is it indifference?

Which is worse? For a lover to hate you or for a lover to become completely indifferent?


Measures of discipline include methods that we don’t like. When someone raises their voice or shouts at us; when pain is inflicted on us; when something that we like is removed; if someone gives us negative criticism. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, discipline may defined as “training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.” I especially like this definition, more than others which I’ve read, because it’s the only one that highlights the intended outcome of such discipline.

So when the athlete submits to the discipline administered by the coach, he improves and so he ultimately likes the effects of the discipline.

What Does it Mean?

We often view life through rose coloured lenses and our limited position can only allow us to see no more than that position allow. People pray to their various concepts of God but always want immediate answers to those prayers. And if half of the worlds population have prayerful desires, wouldn’t God have to disappoint some of them. The cycle of life includes death yet no one wants this part of the cycle for himself or loved ones.

So many pray to God with hope that he will fix it all for them. And still, so many believe that the problem occurs only on the outside. The beginning of the answer lies on the inside!                                          The master appears only when the student is ready!

The experiences which we have in life is based on our perspective in the situation. And the value of the experience is limited to all of our other experiences.

Each situation has some degree of duality.

Each person is good and bad, and is one or the other depending on another’s perspective.

We all need to develop discipline in order to improve. I’ve never seen an indisciplined champion.

Rule #7: Our perception is based on our perspective.                        Rule #8: There are extremes and duality is a definite aspect of life. Rule#9: Accomplishment brings us happiness so we need to discipline ourselves to accomplishment.

True happiness comes from that which we fully accomplish and we accomplish when we truly understand.

Enjoy the Game!




Looking Beyond the Boundary


Whack! Waa-aah! Waa-aah!

Baby 024

We all enter the world in similar fashion. We are born helpless. We feel, experience and learn through our physical bodies. We acquire motor skills and begin to understand that when we do specific things, we get specific results. This realization comes with many other mental faculties which gives us the understanding that we can manipulate our environment and improve our experiences. All of which seemed limited by the reach of our physical bodies. And so we determine that we are physical beings

.1 (11)

Mundane Life

Society and the makers of the human world operate in an existence of limitation, as everything does. Time, space, labour, tools and all other necessary resources to bring the intangible idea to it’s physical reality. Put all these resources together and we have money or wealth. Yet, there seems to be a marked limit on each resource. Although time seems to be the most expensive, how does everyone else seem to have it? Is time really scarce? Time must be used effectively and all tasks should really be pegged to a proper deadline. All activities should be scheduled to accomplish goals within the planned times.

1 (3)

Are you bored with this time management thing in your life as yet?

You are born at a time, live in a time, for a time, and, in time, you’ll die. So, everything we do, we are bound by time.

Initially, creative people don’t like to think of planning and time management. Creative people like to create and see their ideas unfold into real things that can be used. Sit and consider time management? Uuugghh!


As a very young man, a successful businessman told me not to get involved in time management. He said that it is a waste of time. I asked him to explain exactly what he meant and he told me that we can only manage the things that we can change and affect. He said that time cannot be affected or changed. Although he made sense to me, I didn’t understand the entire message as he didn’t spell it out for me. Years passed before I could see the rest of it, and suddenly the impact of time on my life does not seem so boring. I listened to a self improvement program and the narrator explained the same message on focusing on activities in a given time and it clicked instantly! As a matter of fact the consideration of the time’s impact on my life is becoming rather exiting. Read on! You’ll discover why!




Wherever we are, whatever position in which we are currently, the feelings, thoughts and opinions which we hold on the inside determines our reality. Two people may experience the same event in the same location and time and  yet both may describe different experiences. If our internal feelings and thoughts determine our reality then it is safe to say that our internal world determines our outside world. Our inside activity affects or creates our outside world.



As we begin to grow develop and unfold,  a desire to go beyond our physical outreach, which we had previously determined, begins to form. We begin to envision beyond what we see and the fleeting idea, that we are more than limited physical beings, begins to take shape. It is at this developmental stage that our ultimate potential is really determined. If the first little visions can be made into reality, our potential is set at the back of our consciousness even though subsequent visions are not realized.

The extent of our outreach depends on our perspective. Feel and think that we can’t go further and it is so. Believe and feel that we can and that’s right also.

When we take a look at our present lives, we are really looking at our past perspectives because our worlds and existence are the result of mental and emotional activity. The physical aspect comes after the emotional, mental and spiritual belongings have been formed. 


The world is our playground or prison depending on the way that each of us see it. The boundaries which we see have been put there by ourselves. All the excuses that we hear of enslaved are the reasons for the current position and is the limit put by the person who utters it. The excuses of my parents didn’t prepare me and is also the very limit. Where we are now is not necessarily where we are going to be and where we are going to be is dependent upon what we believe, feel and think now!

Stop making excuses and focus on where you want to go and think about how you’re going to get there. Stop being distracted by all the unnecessary distractions that come to increase the amount of excuses that you may use, in order to fail. Focus on the goal and succeed. Make your world bigger than it already is.



Rule # 6: Don’t try to manage time! Manage all your activities! Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual activities that are well planned and executed will make it appear that you are managing time well.







Quick Start Challenge – Challenge #2

This post contains a video about my second week’s challenge.  I’m picking up many bits of knowledge and skills as I face the challenges. I finally discovered how to change the text colour.

The main part of the challenge is to do a video and upload  to Youtube then embed to my blog.
I did the video in two takes. Grreat! then I had to rush out to see a local client and keep other commitments..
When I returned at night, I began to edit. The background noise was terrible.
I left it like that and did my best in the video editor (too late for another take).

Then to upload to YouTube. It’s the worst part because it takes too long and we can never tell if the audio file conversion from editor to Youtube will affect the final sound.
Guess what?

After taking forever to upload, the audio in Youtube was barely audible yet perfect in video editor. I then adjusted in the video editor to compensate for the compression when converted to YouTube and tried to upload another time.

Wait forever…. and forever…. and forever. This is crazy!

I canceled the operation and tried to upload a few times again. I had to leave the house for a few hours so I hoped that it would be complete when I returned. 

Five hours away from home and still there was a problem with the upload when I returned! This has never happened before!

I tried to upload a few more times but fell asleep waiting.

When I awoke, I saw that the video wasn’t on YouTube although I tried to publish. I calmly logged off. My deadline was already gone so I simply dealt with what was in front of me with a smile. I needed to go to work on Monday Morning! 

I went to the kitchen for a quick breakfast and logged on again. Uploaded once more then got ready for work. When I left the house it was still uploading so I smiled. 

When I launch a product one day I ‘ll remember to put everything in place to prevent this nonsense!

I got to work and had an early meeting then I loaded onto Google and checked my video. Clicked publish and … VOILA!

I looked at another  video to learn how to embed the code to this blog and here it is.

I have learnt some time ago to always keep composure when I can’t do anything about a bad situation. When it’s out of my control, it is out of control and I need to stay in control.

Rule #5 = Plan for the worst if there is a deadline because time is not mine.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Enjoy the Game!


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The Art of Giving

Birthdays, Christmas, holidays, graduations or just for the sake of it. When people acknowledge our successes and achievements with gifts or show their appreciation with tokens that we like, we become encouraged to do better. We set out to play a better “game”.

Purple Gift Box with ribbon

A few months ago, I received an email from my shipping company which informed me that for the entire month, I would get a 5% discount off every transaction and applied to the following month’s transactions. All accumulated value would be applied to the first transaction of the following month and if all the value isn’t received on the first transaction then the discount value would be applied on any transaction of that month only, until the full value was given. Nice! So the next shipment may be free. I continued business, as usual, with my imports.

My first package of the following month arrived and I went into the shipping company’s office to collect my packages. The very pleasant lady at the counter asked me if I filled the application form to receive my discount and have it applied to my transaction. I apparently had a puzzled expression as she continued that the application form was emailed to me.

I said, ” If you say that you’re going to give me something, I think that you should just give it to me. Why should you make it more difficult for me to get it? Just give me my bill and I’ll pay for this, thank you.”

She said,” Hold on.”

She went to the computer, picked  up the phone to speak to someone, printed something then returned to me.

She said with a smile, ” I applied your discount to this bill.”

I smiled and was happy that my bill total was $1.40.

Unless we state a condition at the very beginning for someone to receive something, we shouldn’t state a condition for them to get it at the time they should receive it. For example, go to Macy’s New York to the third floor on Friday 24th July.  I’ll meet you and give you $1M. Although you may be in Florida, I have set the condition at the very beginning. However, if I told you that I would give you $1M on Friday 24th July, then on Friday you call me and I say, ” Meet me in Macy’s New York.” That’s not a gift, it’s a mission.

Birthday 031

Rule #4 = When giving, do not make it difficult in any way for the receiver to get. Simply give…

Enjoy the Game!


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Hello world!

Week 1
Today is my only day! Yesterday and tomorrow aren’t real. While I may plan for tomorrow and remember yesterday, only today I am able to create my future world.

This is the very first blog post that I have ever done, in my entire life. this is something that I have been thinking about for three years. Thinking for three years!
I have thought about an internet income for six months.             Thought for six months!
Well, Today is the Day! The day that I have begun my new journey. A complete amateur that has no idea of what I’m doing whatsoever! And creating this blog post is the most difficult thing that I’ve done in six months. I have a picture in my mind of what I want but I have no idea of how to get it and I’m scared like hell! But everything that was scary has always been fun in hindsight.

I joined a program to help me with my adventure. This blog is my homework for the first lesson.
Three years of thinking about it and I have been able to complete it within six days of my very busy schedule. And for that I want to thank Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips of The Quick Start Challenge!

I’ll use this blog to document my course and to share my discoveries of internet opportunities. I hope that it will serve to help others one one day.

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